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About Tommy Walker - The Mind Engineer™

Passionate about Inspiring and Helping you Heal and Empower yourself to Become Your Greatest Potential.

Tommy had open heart surgery when he was only 3 years and a half. That left big physical scars, also mental scars. He felt like the black sheep of the family, and was the bullied kid at school. He had many failed relationships, comes from a failed marriage and also many failed businesses. He was stuck, very negative, depressed, and playing it small for many years of his life.

He had tried many things before, and NOTHING seemed to work. That reinforced his feelings of inadequacy and not good enough.

In 2009 he met an amazing woman, and started working with her. Her teachings were unlike anything he had encountered before, but they were undeniably effective. She helped him change his life forever.

In 2011 he married again and has been happily married since. He has created 2 successful businesses, by learning the correct tools to overcome the challenges by focusing mainly on the mindset.

He has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years and has studied and worked on the mind for over 15 years.

He has reached over +150 thousands of people and has been invited to offer lectures around the world.

He is now living his dream life, living with his wife and kids in the mountains. 

He has combined the best practices out there in the world and developed Rapid Subconscious Reprogramming™, a proven system that combines coaching, neuroscience, therapy, spirituality, inner child connection, compassionate inquiry, acceptance and commitment therapy - ACT, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. By integrating the best practices from these fields, Tommy has crafted a holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of self-limiting beliefs and helps empower individuals to break free from their constraints.

Rapid Subconscious Reprogramming™ helps people identify their negative programming in their subconscious mind, that came from past negative experiences. Most people are not even aware of the negative self image and stories they have around love, money, success, freedom, failure, etc, and how these are running their life. They only see the by product of these as anxiety, stress, depression, obesity, addictions, procrastination, sickness, and so many other problems.

Tommy guides you in accessing your subconscious mind with unconditional love, facilitating a profound exploration of how and why these negative programs were created. By understanding what these programs are "protecting" you from, you gain the ability to heal and reprogram past events, ultimately liberating yourself from their grip forever.

Tommy wants to remind us that we are meant for greatness, and by connecting with your true self, you will be able to start living the life you deserve. True love, joy, happiness, abundance and freedom are our innate gifts, he wants to help you reclaim what belongs to you.

96% of the people that work with Tommy, start feeling and experiencing some changes in the first couple of weeks.

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